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Bibs & Table Mats
Bibs & Table Mats

Mushie Silicone Bibs

With the most practical and easy infant feeding bibs and mats available, you can finally save time, effort, and most importantly, your hard-earned money! We all know that raising a child is difficult enough without having to do all the laundry and cleaning. Wonderland World's gorgeous silicone bibs and placemats are available to make it simple to protect your child's clothing from spills, stains, and messy mishaps. The greatest thing, though? You can be confident that the silicone we use is 100% waterproof, of food-grade, and stain-resistant quality, so your adorable bibs won't absorb any liquid or food!


Why use traditional, subpar bibs and mats when a risk-free, hassle-free option is available? Our excellent Mushie Silicone Bibs and Mushie Silicone Mat will delight you and your baby with their adorable prints and Scandinavian design / colours / earthy tones etc. The cheerful healthy parent toddler bibs are soft, flexible, and really useful since they were meticulously designed! Additionally, since we value your time, our premium baby bibs and mats can be cleaned with only soap and water for optimal ease. They are always accessible! Your youngster will grow to love eating during mealtimes!


Idea Of Eating


One of the numerous activities that babies love is eating. Babies like playing as they eat, and we should encourage them to do so for a variety of reasons.


Their brain may be aroused by novel flavours and experiences while they are eating. It indicates that children are developing their motor abilities while becoming used to the idea of eating. It's a great opportunity to connect with them and help them improve their language abilities.


In fact, it's OK and even beneficial for newborns to play with their food! Eating is an adventure for them since there are so many other things to discover. However, cleaning up after children may sometimes be a genuine chore for parents. To reduce the amount of mess that has to be cleaned off the baby's clothing after eating, many parents use silicone bibs and mats.


They Are Interesting And Enjoyable!


Buy Mushie Silicone Bibs Online as they are available in a variety of cute and intriguing prints. They feature prints of dinosaurs, whales, pink flowers, cherries, and rainbows and are available for purchase. Make feeding time more interesting for your baby by combining several foods to discover what they like.


They Endure Well


Rubber and silicone are quite similar. Both materials offer exceptional flexibility, tensile strength, and wear and tear resistance. Because it is considerably safer for children, silicone is unique.


They're Simple To Use


Mushie silicone bibs were designed for comfort. They include adjustable neck straps, which are ideal for a developing infant. Silicone mats are quite handy to store and carry since you can effortlessly roll them up.


They Avoid Major Messes


Our silicone bibs and mats are designed to stop your child from making significant messes. Feeding periods become considerably less stressful because of their broad catchers, which can collect any food that drips down your baby's chin.


What's the greatest technique to make sure your child finishes all of his or her food? Silicone bibs and mats! It seems to make sense that babies would slobber during meals. But while having fun, they may grow both mentally and physically via these disasters. Simply be prepared to catch the fallout; you don't need to halt the enjoyment.


Ensure A Safe Surface For Eating


Child placemats are highly useful since they provide infants and toddlers with a clean, safe feeding area while guarding your table (and floor) against spills, crumbs, and mess. So much time is saved on clean up after meals! Table mats for children are often constructed of silicone that is safe for food.


The finest placemats for babies are adaptable and may be used in a variety of ways, such as a hot mat, a countertop protection, and a protective mat while your child is working on art projects.


Buy Mushie Silicone Mat Online as it is simple to feed and damage-proof. Its incredible grip makes messy mealtimes enjoyable for both parents and newborns. There are no parts to disassemble for cleaning, and there are no crevices for food and bacteria to hide in our silicone baby feeding mat.


Feeding Placemats For Infants


Our mats have a creative layout that makes it simpler for infants to feed themselves. As a result, they consume more food while consuming less clothing! These sturdy silicone placemats may actually save your sanity when yet another glass of milk is spilt.


Why Are Our Silicone Placemats For NewBorns And Toddlers Successful?


We know that feeding time may be difficult at times as it is, so we put hassle-free designs front and centre so you can enjoy tasty meals without the mess. These Mushie silicone mats are the missing element at your dinner table, made with premium, non-slip materials. Thanks to their cute patterns, they'll also become your child's new best buddy.


The most secure option for toddler placemats is silicone. The best part is that no other material feels at home in both extreme cold and heat while being food-safe.


The greatest thing is that by using items made of natural materials and minimising waste, you are directly aiding in the preservation of the environment. Beyond all of this, silicone placemats for infants provide the following advantages that make them a more secure and well-liked product on the market:


  • Flexible and strong enough to endure the use and abuse of little fingers
  • You may minimise your family's consumption of plastic by making it simple to wash and wipe off after use.
  • Cute patterns and colours that your children will like.


Make Your Purchase Today! 


With cutting-edge items like silicone bibs and mats that are constructed with child-safe materials, Wonderland World provides a mess-free experience. We promise that our products are suitable for use during meals, playtime, and bath time and are simple to use.


Mushie Silicone Mat - Whales

Mushie Silicone Bib Whales

Mushie Silicone Bib - Whales

Mushie Silicone Bib Shifting Sand

Mushie Silicone Bib - Shifting Sand

Mushie Silicone Mat  Pink Flowers

Mushie Silicone Mat - Pink Flowers


Mushie Silicone Mat - Cherries


Mushie Silicone Mat - Rainbow


Mushie Silicone Mat - Dinosaurs


Mushie Silicone Bib - Pink Flowers


Mushie Silicone Bib - Cherries

Mushie Silicone Bib

Mushie Silicone Bib - Rainbow


Mushie Silicone Bib - Dinosaurs


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