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Elevate Your Feeding Game With The Latest Mushie Silicone Bibs Collection

Elevate Your Feeding Game With The Latest Mushie Silicone Bibs Collection

Making a mess seems to be a natural trait in all babies, in fact, it is healthy for babies to do so. Babies need a lot of sensory input to learn about the environment around them, that's why particularly mealtimes can be extra messy. The more senses they can use to explore, the better. It is a healthy part of their development. 

mushie silicone bibs

Most infants aged 0-6 months do not consume solids, and bandana bibs and dribble bibs are often the preferred choice for this age. However, at the 6-month mark, they will start to explore more foods, and so the hunt begins. Feeding bibs can be utilised as you progressively wean your baby off milk and introduce them to solid foods. 

Feeding bibs may be utilised for as long as you wish, but normally ranges from the age of 6-36 months or until the child's feeding habits allow. Some bibs are not suitable for infants aged 0-6 months, so although your weaning journey might start sooner, this should be taken into account before purchasing or using a bib. Always be aware and check the safety instructions on each individual bib to make sure your little one is comfortable and safe.

Why Is A Baby Bib Essential For Parents?

Becoming a parent places a lot of responsibilities and choices that sometimes can be overwhelming in an ocean of choices. Although you always want what's best for them and try to guide them through life as best you can, making some of their choices can sometimes be challenging. Choosing the right bib for you and your baby might be one of those choices, as it can make a significant change in your everyday life. Baby bibs come in many fabrics, sizes and designs, but are essentially a piece of fabric that is wrapped around the baby's neck to prevent the food from staining on the clothes or falling on the floor. 

Bibs, like bottles, bodysuits, and blankets, are one of those major B's that every parent needs. Purchasing and utilising these mealtime necessities may seem straightforward, but the baby bib game has developed significantly over the years. If you've spotted a wide range of various items and designs at a baby supply shop or online, you may be wondering why there are so many distinct varieties. Wonderland World will help you unlock the mysteries behind their functions and provide maintenance instructions so you can feel like a bib master in no time.

Best Bibs For Each Age Group

While some high-quality baby bibs may be worn for months or even years, others are better suited to certain scenarios. Children aged 0 to 6 months will benefit the most from regular and drool bibs since they normally do not start eating baby food until they are six months old. When they are four to six months old, you should start shopping for feeding bibs. These may be used indefinitely. The silicone bibs are perfect for feeding and droolers throughout the day, so customers understand they don't need both at the same time. 

When Choosing A Bib, Consider The Baby's Age

When choosing bibs for your baby, consider the age range. Some bibs are appropriate for infants six months and older, while others may be appropriate for newborns or children. The age is shown in the product specifications. It's usually a good idea to double-check before stocking the bibs in your nursery.


The silicone bibs do not come with a spoon or bowl, however, we can make them aware that matching sets are available onsite. We can also add that they are 100% BPA and phthalate-free, that they are easy to clean and stain resistant and that the front pocket is extra deep perfect for catching food. 

Utilisation Ease

The convenience of usage is an important consideration when choosing bibs for your children. You want the bibs to be readily adjustable. Furthermore, it must be simple to take off and put on. Thus, while choosing bibs for your child, take all of these considerations in mind.

Cleaning Ease

You want the bibs to be easy to clean. It's a pain to get the food out if it's stuck in the cloth. The bib should also be simple to clean. So, while choosing bibs, bear this element in mind.


Now that you're aware of the numerous bib styles, think about your ultimate choice. Choose age-appropriate bibs first, and the overall design should be comfy for the infant. Then you may put on a couple of bibs to discover which one works best for you and your child! You may make a decision later.

What Else Is Useful When Using A Bib?

The silicone bib can be used both during nursing as well as eating solids. This may be a good way for your child to get used to wearing the bib, as it is in a safe environment that they are already used to.

Although a bib can assist in keeping the mess to a minimum whilst your child is eating, tissue paper, wipes or a wet cloth are all good accessories to have to hand. The bib itself can be wiped clean or washed along with your dishes in the sink. The best part is that they stand the test of time and are fully reusable. 

Baby Bib Maintenance Suggestions

Buy Mushie Silicone Bibs online because they are without a doubt one of the most stain-prone items you will ever purchase as a parent. Wonderland World offers a few helpful ideas for pre-treating, washing, and cleaning each kind you purchase if you want them to last as long as possible—and we know you do.

Mushie Bibs

Read the Product Care Label—Bib materials vary from organic cotton to rubber. Check the care label (or the box) to learn what cleaning techniques the manufacturer advises. Some may be washed in the machine, while others must be spot-treated and disinfected. If you don't like multi-step cleaning techniques, you should read the label before purchasing.

Hang them up to dry—This is especially important for plastic or rubber bibs, but it also applies to most cotton and fabric bibs. Unlike your dryer, the sun will help remove even the most stubborn stains. Hang them in a dry, well-ventilated space within your house, or even better, outdoors on your porch.

Using The Correct Bib To Make Life Easier

Your baby will want a bib when they begin eating solids. It is critical to choose age-appropriate styles. Choose a material that is gentle on your baby's skin. You may stock up on the prettiest bib designs now that you know which kind will keep your youngster clean and happy. Since they come in so many adorable and intriguing prints, buy Mushie Silicone Bibs online. We sell prints of rainbows, pink flowers, cherries, dinosaurs, whales, and other objects. By combining different meals to see what your baby prefers, you may make feeding time more enjoyable for them. Whether you want to make a statement or just preserve your baby's clothing, there is a practical, useful, and gorgeous bib for everyone.


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